Welcome Statement

The AWO Safety Statistics Reporting program is designed for simple, confidential tracking of a small set of data points including:

All Responsible Carrier Program® (RCP)-certified companies are required to track these data points in some way. By utilizing the AWO reporting program, members have access to a valuable benefit that allows the production of reports and tools to benchmark their data against their particular sector and AWO’s membership overall. To that end, users will also be able to view an anonymous ranking based on the reportable safety factors and will be available by industry sector and across all users.

What is the difference?

* The OSHA Recordable Incident Rate is calculated by multiplying the number of recordable cases by 200,000, and then dividing that number by the number of labor hours at the company. The Lost Time Case Rate is a similar calculation, only it uses the number of cases that contained lost work days.

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