The AWO Safety Statistics Reporting program is designed for simple, confidential tracking of a small set of data points including:

  • Vessel crew man hours
  • Total number of crew fatalities
  • Total number of recordable injuries
  • Total number of lost-time injuries
  • Severity for each of the lost-time injuries
  • Total number of falls overboard
  • Total reportable spills of all types
  • Total volume of spills in gallons

All AWO carrier member companies must use a safety management system which meets the 46 CFR Subchapter M Part 138 (e.g., the Responsible Carrier Program, International Safety Management Code) which requires that they track these data points in some way.  AWO continues to embrace and promote safety management systems as the principal means of driving continuous safety improvement. By utilizing the AWO reporting program, members have access to a valuable benefit that allows the production of reports and tools to benchmark their data against their particular sector and AWO’s membership overall. To that end, users will also be able to view an anonymous ranking based on the reportable safety factors and will be available by industry sector and across all users.

What is the difference?

  • Trending Reports: Presents counts of events at a series of points along a continuum, normally a time line. The X-axis of the trend report displays data points on that continuum representing quarters in a year. Click here to view a sample.
  • Comparison Reports: Presents summarized data broken at a single point in time.Click here to view a sample.

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