Frequently Asked Questions

The Safety Statistics Reporting Program is designed for simple, confidential tracking of a small set of safety data. The collection and reporting of these safety statistics is an important way for AWO and our members to support continuous safety improvement in our industry, since it is impossible to improve what the industry does not measure.
In using the program, participants have access to a valuable member benefit that allows the production of reports and tools to benchmark and compare their data against their self-selected operating sector (inland, inland fleeting, and coastal/coastal harbor) and AWO’s membership overall. Participants may also view an anonymous ranking based on the reportable safety factors, available by industry sector and across all users.
Your participation in the program helps AWO tell the story of our members’ commitment to safety by allowing us to benchmark member safety performance against the towing industry as a whole, the transportation industry overall, and all U.S. workplaces. With your regular and timely data entry, we can also engage our member safety professionals to analyze aggregate data, identify opportunities for improvement, and measure progress over time. Beginning in 2021, the Safety Leadership Advisory Panel will release an annual Safety Statistics Reporting Program report. This report will highlight trends in the data on crew fatalities, injuries and more.
The SSRP website is located at https://awo.salixhub.com/. If your company does not have a login, please request one here: https://awo.salixhub.com/support/request-account-info/ .
SSRP data is tracked quarterly. Data is requested at the end of the month following each quarter’s close – on April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31. The SSRP allows for companies to enter historical data at any time, so you can fill in gaps from past years (back to 2016, when the program was established) when you log your most recent entry.
The data collected are vessel crew man hours, crew fatalities, recordable injuries, lost-time injuries, falls overboard, spills, and volume of spills. If your company uses the Responsible Carrier Program as the basis for its safety management system, you are already tracking these particular data points.
Data security is of the utmost importance. AWO understands that program participants must have high confidence that the sensitive data they entrust to SSRP will be protected from incursion and legal discovery. Salix Data is the company who administers and hosts the SSRP program on a secure website on AWO’s behalf to ensure participant anonymity and confidentiality. Data submitted into SSRP is secured and is considered confidential. The data is solely intended to provide reporting of safety statistics. Any other use of this data is strictly prohibited.